Easy Way to install/Update Android 4.2.1 on Sony Xperia Arc S with CM 10.1

Sony Xperia Arc S

Lately we have reported about the CM 10.1 which is Android 4.2 based update that can be installed some supported Android smartphone or tablet. Now we would like to tell you that Sony Xperia Arc S is also in the support sheet. Even though it is not the official announcement, some Sony Xperia Arc S users have successfully installed CM 10.1 on their devices and enjoy the new features of Android 4.2. However please note that there are some bugs and it happens on differently but it should not be serious and can be used for day by day need. I would like to recommend you to backup everything in case you want to get back to where you were.

Special note:

  • This guide and tool only with Sony Xperia Arc S so do not attempt to use with other Android device since it can damage the device
  • Sony Xperia Arc S must be rooted and unlocked bootloader
  • Disable any antivirus since it might block the process
  • Backup everything you want before starting
  • You must install a custom recovery image (CWM recovery should work fine).
  • Check out your phone batter make sure it has more than 50% to make sure that it won’t run out
  • Your warranty will get void so check the terms of your carrier

Pre-download section:

  • CM 10.1 from here. (The tool might be update so you can check for the download link in the article)
  • Google Apps

How to Update Sony Xperia Arc S to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean with CM 10.1

Step 1: Connect your phone to PC then transfer all of the files to your phone SD card and DO NOT extract those files.

Step 2: Disconnect your phone and enable USB debugging option by going to “Setting” > “Applications” > “Development” > check on the box there to enable “USB Debugging”.

Step 3: Turn off the phone and boot into CWM recovery mode by pressing “Down Volume”, “Home Button” and “Power Button” at the same time. Release them when when Android logo is on.

Step 4: You can use the Up and Down Volume buttons to navigate on CWM recovery mode. Now select “wipe data factory reset” then “wipe cache partition” and then “Go Back”.

Step 5: Now select “install zip from sd card” the browse to where you located the downloaded files that were transferred in step1. First select the CM 10.1 zip.

Step 6: Confirm the update and wait for the flashing.

Step 7: Now it is time to flash Google apps. Take a look back at Step 5 and do the same thing till it is installed then select “Go Back”.

Now it is done. The first reboot take longer than usual so do not worry. Check the system to make sure that you did everything right. If you encounter any problem, you can go back to the first step and recheck if you miss any step.

2 Responses to “Easy Way to install/Update Android 4.2.1 on Sony Xperia Arc S with CM 10.1”

  1. Shashank

    Feb 05. 2013

    Cant open in recovery mode by pressing vol UP+DOWN+POWER
    help needed

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    • dame

      Mar 09. 2013

      Power off phone if recovery is working properly, when u turn on phone a blue or purple light shold show on side of ur arc s on my model i just push volume button up.If urs does not just goole the different recovery start ups for arc s.I know the rom contains the kernel but ithink on different models sometimes u need to extract the kernel from the rom zip file,kernel will b the boot.img file and u need fastboot tool tool install kernel using fastboot tool and plugin ur arc s to a pc and starting ur arc s in fastboot mode and using a command prompt on ur pc to flash kernel,u need an unlocked bootloader and root to flash kernels which u properly already know.I learn all this from google searching.GOOGLE HAS NEARLY ALL THE ANSWERS U NEED.

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