Best Way to Install Google Play Store and Other Apps on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

Play Store on  Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

Since the appearance of Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 in the market, the company limited the ability to install applications from Amazon App Store only and now you can break the limit but installing Google Play Store and other Google Apps including Gmail, Google+, Google Maps and much more.

However to do so you need to be aware of the damage; you must understand that this hack can damage your device if you are not familiar with this matter so you are recommended to stay away from it if you don’t want to ruin your device. Learning from other users, they reported that WiFi won’t work after installing this hack.

If you still want to continue, make sure that you follow everything in the instruction. We DO NOT responsible for any damage to your device.

Download section:

How to Install Google Play Store and Other Apps on Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

Step 1: Copy all files downloaded above into SDcard of your Kind Fire HD by connecting to PC then disconnect it.

Step 2: On Kind Fire HD, run ES File Explorer then go to “Setting” the click on “Root settings”. In the Root Setting enable the following options:

  • Enable “Root Explorer” then click on “Allow”.
  • Enable “Up to Root”.
  • Enable “Mount File System”

Now close the Root Setting then return to the main screen of ES File Explorer.

Step 4: Now browse to the folder where you placed the file in Step 1 then select GoogleServicesFramework.apk file and confirm the installation.

Step 5: After installation completed, you should be at ‘Vending.apk’ file then select “Copy” by long press on it.

Step 6: Use the “Up” button to find the folder named ‘acct’, ‘cache’ and others similar. Now open the “Setting/app” directory then tap “Paste” then ‘Vending.apk’ file should be copied to the directory.

Step 7: Change the properties of the file by long press on the ‘Vending.apk’ file the click on ‘Change’. Now you should see ‘USER’, ‘GROUP’, ‘OTHER.

  • For ‘USER’ select ‘read’ and ‘write’
  • For ‘GROUP’ and ‘OTHER select ‘read’

Note: Do NOT select other options.

Step 8: Click on ‘Vending.apk’ file again then confirm the installation. Now Android Market installation is completed.

Step 9: Now back to the Apps drawer, run Android Market then follow the instruction to enter your Google account. Complete and close the Android Market app.

Step 10: Update Android Market to Google Play Store. Now go back to ES File Explorer then go to where you placed ‘Play.apk‘ file then click on it to update to Google Play Store. After successfully install Play Store, you should see Play Store on the screen where you can access to Google apps. Download and enjoy at your own will.

Good luck!

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